Keeping up with what’s happening in the AI field helps to improve research and get new ideas. Here are top artificial intelligence projects you need to know.

Artificial intelligence software revenue will reach an astounding $59.8 billion worldwide by 2025. Knowing about upcoming artificial intelligence projects is beneficial for both you and your business. Terminator jokes aside, there are a lot of worries that people have about artificial intelligence. Are we headed in the direction of robots taking over the world? More importantly, how practical are AI projects from a business perspective?

Siri and Alexa, for example, are one of the biggest up and coming trends of AI in 2018. Getting in on AI voice search before everybody else could give your business a huge boost. It is important for your business to keep on top of the latest AI trends. This article will take you through the top 6 AI projects that you need to know about in 2018.

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Why would you want to use artificial intelligence projects for your business?

To begin, you can save yourself a lot of money by not hiring a personal assistant. Instead, you can integrate an AI system, doing the same work for a fraction of the cost. There are other intelligent systems such as Chatbots that can speak to your customers for you. They answer questions and send the clients important notifications. This saves you hours of time to focus on other important tasks.

AI can also help you filter through giant databases and select marketable insights, helping you to process billions of data information in a matter of minutes. Amazon’s AI voice assistant Alexa could reach a whopping ten billion in sales by 2020. This has e-commerce stores jumping for joy.

Artificial intelligence can now be your new best friend and business partner. But wait, there’s more! With the help of automatic translation, you can now take your business international. Overcoming language barriers can help you broaden your client base. Also, by operating in various regions, you can target more prospective clients.

Now let’s dive into the top artificial intelligence products…

  1. Blue Brain Project

    Built by the Swiss national brain initiative, the Blue Brain project is a digital reconstruction of the mammalian brain. Their goal is to create a synthetic brain. They do this by reverse engineering our own neural structure, our brains.

    The Blue Brain Project will be an exceptional tool for neuroscientists, giving them a new understanding of neurological diseases and the brain. The founders started the project in May 2005, based out of Switzerland. They developed it to study the brain’s architectural and functional principles.

    They hope to eventually bring awareness to the nature of consciousness, revolutionizing the understanding of how we think.

  2. A.I.L.E.E.E.N

    This is also known as “Artificial Intelligence Logic Electronic Emulation Neural Network” (try to memorize that one). This is an electronic emulation of the brain which replicates a neural network.

    Claiming to be the next phase of technology evolution, A.I.L.E.E.N is definitely an important artificial intelligence project to study up on.

    Containing conscious-like abilities, it identifies and matches self-learning patterns and algorithms. Then, it analyzes unknown data with one of its built-in cortexes.

    This project presents corrective actions, as well as recommendations, feedback, and predictions. Combine that with an eternal memory space and the ability to compare its own past knowledge. This incredible combination may revolutionize how we view artificial Intelligence.

  3. Shark

    Shark is a powerful toolbox for research and real-world applications. It works perfectly with programs such as CMake as well as Boost. It also offers algorithms such as supervised and unsupervised learning.

    Shark conveniently works with MacOS, Linux and Windows. It defines itself as a “fast, modular, feature-rich open-source C++ machine learning library.”

    With its evolutionary algorithms and basic optimized linear algebra, other artificial intelligence projects cannot compare.

  4. Open Assistant

    If you have ever dreamed of having your own artificial intelligence projects that can work offline, your dream has come true. This is a complete decentralized personal assistant.

    This artificial intelligence project has the ability to engage in full conversations. It does this while completing an enormous list of tasks all by using voice recognition.

    By using a voice user interface (VUI), its goal is to create an exclusively customized AI that engages in full conversation with the user.

    This AI project is still under works, as they are still establishing their core three levels.

    The first level is at the base of their system. It is an on and off switch that they call the “wake word.” Combining this with advanced speech analysis enables Open Assistant to enable offline operation.

    This is like asking Siri or Alexa to work offline, so think of how helpful this will be.

    They named the second level the “root mind.” This level contains fundamental communication, a perception of the environment, and numerous system functions.

    Finally, the third level has what they call the “user minds.” This has the capacity to hold various personalities and specialized abilities. These eventually will have the capacity to learn and develop a sense of self-awareness.

  5. Neural Designer

    Imagine being able to discover the best analytics, in just minutes. Now imagine doing that without complex programming, and with no building block diagrams, and including great visualizations. Meet Neural Designer, the ultimate analytics software.

    This artificial intelligence project has the ability to recognize unknown patterns, read data, and predict trends. It can take raw data and transform it into knowledge that is useful.

    Using OpenMP, CUDA, and MPI, you can now analyze your data with maximum performance.

  6. A(rtificial) Human

    Meet A(rtificial) Human, a software with a human personality. Scientists have been working on this AI project since 2008, bridging the gap between artificial life and neurobiology.

    This project uses computer science with a strong biological background. It also contains rich research pages and intellectual complexity.

Wrapping up

These are 6 of the top artificial intelligence projects in this vast world of technology. Keeping up with this revolutionary industry is key to increased revenue growth within your company.

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