You may have never heard of augmented reality advertising but you have most likely seen it. Here are 7 of these creating marketing campaigns your company needs.

There’s nothing better for a marketing campaign than a fresh new perspective. And it doesn’t get much fresher than augmented reality advertising. Using smart device processors, digital cameras, and AR apps, users point their phones and tablets at various spaces and objects. As they move and point, they see whatever the app shows them, which means they see whatever you want them to. Want your business name six feet high on the side of a building? How about your jingle played when users walk by your offices? The possibilities are endless.  Today, we’ll look at the seven best ways to use this fascinating technology to advertise your business, service, or product.

Augmented Reality: A New Way To Market

Augmented Reality (or AR) has undergone a massive surge in growth in recent years. With its inherent fun and the increasing power of phones and tablets to do amazing things with it, it’s not hard to understand why. And, because of its increased popularity, it’s becoming more widely adopted by advertisers and consumers. Which is great news, if you’re doing it. If not, well, maybe it’s time to look at your options and get on board, before you get left behind.

  1. Scavenger Hunts

    Augmented reality advertising has been a staple of innovative marketing campaigns for many years already.  And, in the pantheon of great AR campaigns, one stands head and shoulders above the rest: the classic AR scavenger hunt.  The idea is simple.  Using online clues, QR codes, GPS coordinates, and AR elements lead your users to various locations within a city or neighborhood.  An animated business logo at this street corner might lead to a video near a park bench. A message from your CEO in a parking lot could direct users to a song that plays when users point their devices at a specific stop sign.  In the end, it’s about the experience. Whether they’re rewarded with a prize or just a fun afternoon, everybody loves a good, old-fashioned treasure hunt.

  2. Virtual Showrooms

    If there’s any place you need to grab your clients’ attention, it’s in a showroom. So why not wow them by taking everything out of the room and going virtual?  This idea relies on a slick execution as much as anything else. Invite the public to a showroom of your product or services.  Then set up augmented reality elements in a room, to showcase the product in place of actual, physical items. Users will use tablets, phones, and other smart devices to frame the shop, walking around virtual objects as if they were really there.  Augmented reality’s charm lies in its novelty. If you can get users to leave your showroom talking about how “good an idea that AR thing was”, you’ve done a good job.

  3. Augmented Reality Signboards

    Turn your marketing into an interactive experience by making your signage an event.  Notify users of nearby, “viewable” signs on a unique smartphone app that also acts as a viewer.  By activating their camera in the app, the user receives directions and reviews, showing them to the location of the signboard.  What’s nice about this idea is that anything can be made into the sign. Advertising near a lake?  Turn the water into your sign. Don’t have the budget for a skywriter? Get your users to point their cameras skywards and make this tech work for you.

  4. Themed Games

    This may sound like a juvenile idea to many professional businesses, but you should never underestimate the power of an engaging game.  If you can succeed in getting even a small following, word will spread that your company thinks outside of the box, making you seem fun and relatable.  But it’s not only about having fun.  Incorporate your logo, motto, product or philosophy into a licensed AR game.  The most important thing to any business is brand recognition. The subliminal association you’ll make with your product by peppering it into this piece of content does this effectively.

  5.  Extended Experiences

    If there’s one thing we’re learning about augmented reality advertising, it’s that it works best when it’s fun.  What if you could work that same fun into the content you already have?  Even entry-level smartphone cameras and processors come with enough power for an array of fun tricks.  If you’re feeling ambitious, this can be used to play videos over your brochures or signage, adding spice to your content.  Alternatively, filters are another popular way to use this kind of tech. Invite users to use their camera to place branded filters over their social media profile pics or content. This kind of targeted marketing has an extremely far reach and can help to push your branding efficiently.

  6. Incorporating User Content

    Another fun idea for generating AR content is to get it from your users.  Everybody has something to say.  Whether it’s with a story, some artwork, a review, or just a photo, there are opportunities everywhere to gather and curate user content.  If your marketing campaign is spring themed, for instance, why not get users to send in pictures of themselves outside in nature? Or, if you’re going for something edgier, their poetry or songs.  Find a way to incorporate this content into a collage or digital gallery, and unveil it via AR. This is a great way to create an event for very little investment on your part, and users will be thrilled to see their content showcased if it’s done well.

  7. Partnerships

    Two brands are better than one.  This applies to AR as well as anywhere else.  For marketers worried about the cost of augmented reality advertising, partnerships are a great way to lower those costs.  More importantly, though, is they also provide a bigger design base to draw from.  Not sure how an element could play out with the user? With more people to turn to, you’ll have a better idea of what you should do.

Take It To The Streets, With Augmented Reality Advertising

And there you have it: an exciting new path in digital advertising that’s sure to leave a mark on users and breathe new life into your online marketing.

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Terence Mills

Terence Mills

As an entrepreneur, marketer, AI pioneer & digital technology specialist, Terence has built eight global enterprises including executive management participation in two public companies, InteliData Technologies and SkyTel Corporation which sold to MCI for $1.8 billion. His ability to harness the power of the internet, AI, and mobile technology to support sound business goals is his secret weapon.