Some people have negative feelings towards AI but it can be quite beneficial. Here are 7 advantages of artificial intelligence that may end up surprising you!

Robots are taking over the world! Okay not really, but sometimes that’s what magazines and movies would like you to think. In fact, just last week researchers wrote an article about how the possibility of hacking into robots and making them do terrible things has never been closer. Here’s the truth. Artificial intelligence is a good thing! It’s time for us all to stop thinking about the evils of technology and instead focus on the benefits.

Here are 7 advantages of artificial intelligence that just might surprise you.

  1. It Produces Jobs

    One of the most common arguments against artificial intelligence is that it will take over people’s jobs. Here are the facts:

    According to the previous US Presidential administration, as many as 47 percent of jobs will be replaced by artificial intelligence. However, what this report then goes on to say is that amount of jobs being lost is less than the amount that will be gained by AI.

    Did you know Google and Netflix both use artificial intelligence to help them exist? Google alone employs over 70,000 employees. This is one of the advantages of artificial intelligence-that over 70,000 people are able to have a job that doesn’t involve mindless tasks. And that’s just the success it has had with one company. AI helps businesses grow, develop, and allocate new resources to hire more people. In fact, right now there are many companies out there following Google’s example and using AI software in their business plans.

  2. It’s Safer

    As humans, we tend to make a lot of mistakes. Luckily though, another one of the advantages of artificial intelligence is that it helps to reduce the effect of some of those poor decisions.

    An example of this is self-driving cars. Nearly 1.3 million people die in car accidents every year. According to the Association for Safe International Travel, that’s an average of about 3,300 deaths every day and does not include those injured or disabled from the crash. Google decided that something needed to be done about that horrifying statistic, so in came the idea of self-driving cars. According to Jacquelyn Miller, spokeswoman for Google, their self-driving car fleet has traveled over 1.8 million miles. In that time they have been involved in accidents a paltry 13 times. Not only are the accidents all minor fender benders but each one was also the result of some human driver in another car reacting carelessly. For example, Miller stated that the last two accidents occurred while they were stopped at a light and another car rear-ended them. Before you go out and buy a new Google car, it’s important to note that the technology, research, and development still have a long way to go before it’s ready for consumers. However, it’s exciting to imagine the world with fewer car accidents and fatalities, and that’s possible with artificial intelligence.

  3. It’s Convenient

    Advantages of artificial intelligence don’t end there. Another benefit of it is that it’s convenient! One way AI makes life more convenient is through the elimination of repetitive tasks. A simple example of this is scheduling tasks and meetings. Many staffers have noted that the incorporation of artificial intelligence in their office has allowed them to set aside extra time for tasks that they deemed more important. Higher convenience at work has also been correlated with an increased productivity as well.

  4. It’s Healthier

    Artificial Intelligence plays a big role in health as well. More medical institutions are turning to AI to not only train their staff better but also, to make surgeries and other operations more successful. Computers and robots have been known to be able to cut straighter and more precise lines. Therefore, there has been an argument in recent years to include more artificial intelligence into operations and diagnoses. Not only that but artificial intelligence helps people have better healthcare, better food, less stressful jobs, and an improved quality of life.

  5. Faster Advancements

    Another one of the advantages of artificial intelligence is faster technological advancements. The more AI is used in research the faster it will learn to find patterns and results for many of the questions that the world is exploring. Imagine having artificial intelligence that runs through thousands of simulations electronically in order to find cures for many of life’s ailments. This would free up researchers to devise new parameters and objectives. Who knows someday with the help of artificial intelligence we might find the cure to cancer as well.

  6. It’s More Efficient

    Many businesses are turning to artificial intelligence to ramp up their office space. Through adjustable lights, thermostats, and other office equipment, AI is helping companies run their buildings more efficiently and securely. One way that it does this is by noting trends when the heat is being used and when it is not. With artificial intelligence, businesses won’t have to worry if they left their lights or heat on through the night- something else is already taking care of it.

  7. Life’s More Enjoyable

    One of the last perks to artificial intelligence is that it just makes life fun. An example of this comes from six students at Brigham Young University. For one of their projects, they were tasked with creating a foosball table run by AI. Using high-definition cameras, lights, and software, the table is able to play foosball just as well, and sometimes better, than its human opponents. While the students who created the table are still able to pull out a victory against the machine, other opponents haven’t had much luck. In fact, the machine wins 80 percent of the games it plays. While this technology isn’t being used to advance some great technology, it does have a purpose, and that is to bring smiles and amazement to all that play with it.

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

These are just some of the advantages of artificial intelligence. The further you delve into the subject, the more results and opportunities you will find. If artificial intelligence is something your company is interested in let us know. Just leave any comments and questions below. We can’t wait to help you get started!

Terence Mills

Terence Mills

As an entrepreneur, marketer, AI pioneer & digital technology specialist, Terence has built eight global enterprises including executive management participation in two public companies, InteliData Technologies and SkyTel Corporation which sold to MCI for $1.8 billion. His ability to harness the power of the internet, AI, and mobile technology to support sound business goals is his secret weapon.