As technology grows and changes, developing AI and big data has become a big part of business. Read on to see what this year holds for the future of AI.

Wondering what this year holds for developing AI and big data?

As AI advancements are made, the future gets more and more exciting. AI is changing the way people and companies use big data to make decisions.

It can seem hard to keep up with these rapid advancements. In this guide, I’ll break down exactly what’s next for developing AI, and what that will mean for the world of big data. Keep reading to find out what this technology is poised to do.

  1. Chatbots will get better

    Communication has become a crucial part of AI. The better we can teach AI to communicate, the more useful they become. This has all kinds of different applications.

    For example, many companies are already using customer service chatbots to replace real-life employees on the other side of the chat. As the AI involved gets better, companies can continue to make the shift toward using chatbots for a significant portion of customer communications.

    Companies can also use AI to scan former chats and glean useful information about customer wants and needs.

    Communication with AI is also important outside of customer service settings. The more computers learn to speak “human” language, the easier it is to interact with them, which opens up a host of new possibilities.

  2. Verbal search will improve

    By the same token, using voice to search will only become more popular and more effective, as AI gets better at responding to human inquiries.

    Voice-to-text search has already become a popular way to use search engines. Soon, it may overtake text search in popularity. Someday, we may be able to ask our devices just about anything and get an accurate response.

  3. Personalization will grow

    AI is also being trained to be able to personalize interactions based on a customer’s unique situation.

    As machines learn the customer’s needs, wants, and pain points, they can respond better from a marketing standpoint. Marketers will use this information to target marketing at customers with an approach that’s unique to each person.

    Someday, everything from the emails you receive from a company to what you see when you visit their website may be tailored completely to you, thanks to developing AI.

  4. Deep learning will become the norm

    In recent years, researchers have been developing AI that’s capable of deep learning. This AI is better at finding patterns and changing approaches, because it can respond to multiple layers of data at once. The deep learning machine is intended to mimic the human brain, making it a revolutionary form of AI.

    In 2018, deep learning will move further out of the realm of sci-fi and into reality. Companies will start to narrow down the areas where deep learning can really benefit them, and focus on applying it there.

    As deep learning becomes more commonplace, some of the hype around it is likely to die down, and brands will learn that it can’t magically solve their problems. However, this technology will become more valuable when applied where it’s really needed.

  5. AI will work with big data

    Deep learning and other developing AI has major implications for the way companies find and use big data.

    AI can both gather and process data at rates never before seen. Companies are learning exactly how to use this data to its best advantage.

  6. Companies that harness AI will grow

    In 2018 and beyond, AI’s capabilities will start to become essential to the success of a company.

    The companies that start using the power of AI and big data early will quickly outgrow those that neglect it.

    The sooner businesses start to implement AI, the more data they can mine and process, and the faster they can learn exactly how best to use that information. This is true for any business in any sector.

  7. Data quality will become crucial

    Because AI makes such a wealth of data available, businesses are also being forced to realize that quality matters as much as quantity.

    People must learn how to use AI to efficiently sift through data, parsing out what’s important and what isn’t. This year, companies are going to refine their approach to putting big data to use.

    The data needs to be both valuable and accurate in order for an AI to use it successfully. Companies will get better at helping AI gather and process the data they can really use.

  8. More data will live on the cloud

    As AI makes gathering mass amounts of data possible, more companies will shift to cloud storage instead of hard drives.

    The cloud allows businesses to amass data without using up a limited storage capacity. Companies will also open up employee access to data stored on the cloud. The more employees can view the data they need, when they need it, the more likely they are to put it to good use – and the cloud makes this easy.

  9. AI will instruct employees

    More and more companies are going to start using AI to train their employees.

    AI can use available information to instruct on things like how best to respond to customers, or how to market to them more effectively. This year, more customers will start implementing AI in a training role, since AI can give real-time answers to employee questions.

  10. More data engineer jobs will open

    Human eyes are still needed to make sense of the data that AI mines and analyzes.

    More companies will start seeking out employees that can effectively work with this data – known as data engineers.

    Data engineers will be responsible for a variety of things – as with all new job positions, it takes time to nail down exactly what the responsibilities are. However, these engineers will likely work with AI to bring large data sets into order, so the company can put the information to use.

Whether you’re a customer or a business owner, developing AI is sure to impact you in 2018 and beyond.

AI is already touching multiple areas of our lives, and its impact will spill into even more places this year.

Stay ahead of the curve.

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