For many businesses, service is the most important aspect of continued growth. See the benefits of artificial intelligence for improving customer service.

Customer expectations are evolving so that every interaction must be a personalized one. Leading companies use artificial intelligence to leverage customer data and meet those demands. If you don’t understand the benefits of artificial intelligence, you’re falling behind.

AI is now a key element for enhancing the customer experience and consumers are encountering AI more than they realize. In 2018, 30% of interactions with technology will have become “conversations” with smart machines.  Right now, leading enterprise companies are enjoying the benefits of artificial intelligence. They’re merging AI with Big Data to predict customer behavior. They’re improving operations and cutting costs in record numbers.  Most importantly, they’re using AI systems to personalize customer experiences.

Directing AI assets towards customer engagement is the best way to align AI with revenue. Marketing and customer service have seen the most progress.

AI is Now Essential to Customer Engagement

A recent survey on customer engagement showed that 100% of the world’s leading companies are using AI. 56% of them are investing in AI to personalize and learn about customer interactions.  This tells us two things. First, these companies are leading their respective industries, and they see AI as a way to continue doing so. Second, AI has unbelievable potential for improving customer experience and loyalty.

We’re going to uncover that potential. Once you understand the benefits of AI, you can think about how you will apply it to your business. And you need to start thinking now.

10 Customer Service Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence can replace many of the tasks usually reserved for humans. AI can interpret data and make decisions that lead to the best possible outcome. It can pull resources from any number of channels to accomplish its goals.

Keep that in mind as we talk more about customer service. The following list of benefits of artificial intelligence show how AI is transforming experiences for customers. It will indicate how AI will transform entire industries as well.

  1. Personalized Experiences for Customers

    AI has the remarkable capability to optimize performance in real time. It can understand natural language and be proactive with customers. It can carry out requests without specific command lines.  It outperforms automated solutions that offer flat responses. AI solutions do not need the eventual involvement of a human representative either.  AI solutions are based on logical design. You can trust yours will present the correct options to your customers at the correct time. Customers may not notice the difference between AI and a very capable human being.

  2. Omnipresent Service

    Unlike service representatives, AI never sleeps. Customers in all parts of the world have access to “well-rested” service providers at any time. This provides advantages to companies managing overhead and shift workers.

  3. Data Analyses During Times of Interaction

    Customer requests come in every variety. Representatives usually put customers on hold to dig for information. Sometimes they can’t find that information at all.  Your AI solution can connect to all your data repositories. It can access the right customer information in seconds. It will know immediately which order or experience a customer brings up.  AI can adjust key data as well. You may not want to give all privileges to your AI solution at first. But in time, there is nothing your AI solution can’t do for your customers.

  4. Delivering Relevant Actions and Offers

    AI can offer your customers personalized offers and information. With access to customer data, it can identify relevant information and coordinate with marketing to improve the customer experience at the point of service.

  5. Cost-Effective Customer Service

    Most companies must invest heavily in customer service teams. Many more outsource customer service to impersonal third parties. Neither solution provides personalized and thorough service customers need.  AI is not only a filter for customer service teams. AI can manage the entire customer service experience. With greater access to data, AI can reduce service time and maximize benefits to customers as well.

  6. Interface with Your Customer Service Humans

    AI can collect and analyze data in real time. This can be a huge asset to your customer service team on the back end.  For example, your AI solution could detect if a customer is irate. It might identify this as a unique situation requiring human involvement. These red flags will arrive so that your team can respond right away.

  7. Analyze Service Outcomes and Predict Behaviors

    AI solutions can improve service in ways human beings cannot. It learns from every customer interaction. It can develop better strategies when faced with similar customer scenarios.  This allows companies to bypass costly and repetitive training. It allows service teams to hone in on the most important areas for improvement in real time.

  8. Improve Engagement Strategies

    AI can gather information to improve marketing and advertising efforts as well. It can help these teams predict customer behaviors. This is a huge asset from a competitive standpoint.
    Marketing teams can study data provided by AI to improve the timeliness and relevancy of their campaigns. This turns customer service into a profit driver for your business.

  9. Build Relationships with Customers

    Your AI can be active in building relationships with customers. It can reach out to customers in a helpful way. It can leverage customer data to make friendly gestures as well.  Imagine if your AI sent a personalized message to customers on their birthdays. There are countless cost-effective ways AI can personalize experiences for your customers.

  10. Drive Profitability and Brand Loyalty

    Companies are battling for customer retention. They all struggle with delighting customers on an ongoing basis.  As mentioned, your service channels can become a profit driver. That’s because AI is collecting data and being proactive on behalf of your company.  AI provides more opportunities to leverage customer data, analyses, and predictive intelligence to keep your customer loyal. Your team can focus on strategy and creativity as AI does the legwork for improving customer experiences.

Now that you know how AI can transform customer service,

Get AI for your business.

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